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Lawn Program 2011A sing-along of old English favorites is always fun. Lawn Program 2011Margaret Momparler greets visitors to the cottage. Lawn Program 2011The Moreton Bay Fig Morris dancers perform a sword dance. Lawn Program 2011Crowds queue for a sampling of English goodies. Lawn Program 2011Melvin Weekley tends the cash register at the food tent. Lawn Program 2011Festive bunting around the tent included a nod to Will and Kate's engagement. Lawn Program 2011The Performing Folk Dancers of Balboa Park perform the maypole dance. Lawn Program 2011Victoria Ross and Frances Weekley try a dance step too. Lawn Program 2011The Performing Folk Dancers of Balboa Park do their version of the sword dance. Lawn Program 2011Pat White sings some English show tune favorites. Lawn Program 2011Richard Steadham shows off the English fare offered up on the menu. Lawn Program 2011Young Shakespearean actors from Chula Vista perform for the crowd. Lawn Program 2011The San Diego Shakespeare Society presents award to the House of England. Lawn Program 2011Harry Hipwell entertains the crowd. Lawn Program 2011Patricia Law plucks an English melody on a Lever Folk Harp. Lawn Program 2011Greg Finch and Suzanne McLay sported the Union Jack with pride that day.
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